Style Me Pretty's "Inspiration to Reality Challenge"

We recently had the honour and are super jazzed to have of been invited to take part in Style Me Pretty's, "Inspiration to Reality Challenge" and to top it off .....with such an extraordinary design team, of colleagues, professionals and friends! Readers designed and submitted their inspiration boards that they would like to see come to its fruition....we collectively chose the winning board (when I say "we" it typically means Kevin, this time...Cynthia), Helena, named "Red Dress and Traditions". We felt it eclectic, rich in its yummy colour palette and symbolic elements, and that it allowed for design freedom and movement. The creative synergy when we all gathered was euphoric, if only clients could be a part of this magic as their design team collectively set the stage for their special day ....the ideas, the respect for each artists' thought and contribution, not to mention the funfactor was prolific! Join us in our excitement and anticipation by visiting Style Me Pretty,, often to see the unveiling of our spectacular collaboration, vision and result.



The Design Team

Director of Design and Execution, Cynthia Martyn

The Cake and Pretty Petit Fours, Alexandria Pellegrino and Jessica Smith

Invitations and Stationary, Corina Van Sluytman

Photography and Cinematography, Mimmo Galati and Nazar Melconian

Make up, Hair and Models, Carla Naylor



The Countdown is on.....Wedluxe hits the newstands on December 14th, 2010

There is much that we would like to share, so little time to post, inclusive of both past and present events, new and exciting things that Fuscia Designs is working on and lest we forget the story of how Kevin and Tamara met, came together and made Fuscia Designs what is today....for now we share our anticipation and excitement for the newest edition of Wedluxe hitting stands on 14.12.09, do pick up a copy to see why we are bursting at the seams!

Is this not the most stunning cover you have ever seen! The models make up and hair is done by the ever so talented Jackie Gideon, If you want to look your most stunning on your special day, she is your girl! and she books up super fast, as you can imagine!



While we chase photographers for professional images of our weddings and work in 2009, please visit www.cynthia, specifically Cynthia's blog to view some of the fabulous weddings that we have worked on together. We have had the honour and privilege of working with Wedding Planner Extraordinaire, Cynthia Martyn for over 4.5 years, on some absolutely stunning weddings, so do have a glass of wine or bubbly whatever your preference, sit back and enjoy! There are many, all unique and individual to capture and reflect the tastes and or themes of our fabulous clients!


Who is Fuscia Designs

Image by Jackson Huang of Ikonica


Kevin, Principal Creative Director


Kevin with 23 years in growing flowers and selling wholesale flowers, had dabbled in design throughout his career and was mentored by the best in the biz. It was when he joined Fuscia Designs that he truly discovered his inner rockstar, his creative gift and talent of designing flowers. He was allured into the world of events and the endless possibilities of innovative expression.

Kevins new favorite design philosophy...

“Simple is not the same as cheap, dramatic flowers and vases can stand alone. When you feature unusual flowers and strong shapes,just two or three blossoms are enough, especially when the form is repeated !!”

Kevins favourite floral architect and designer ,Jeff Leatham of Flowers Uncut, famous for his signature monochromatic bouquets strategically placed on a slant in a tall vase, in collections and groupings

Kevin has also realized a strong passion for fashion, and style, a metroman if you will with a shoe collection that rocks most out of the water. In fact his claim to fame is to convince grooms to invest in a stylish pair of designer statement shoes for their wedding, since typically they must rent a tux without a keepsake thereafter …not to mention those rental shoes are beyond hideous!


Kevin has brought the party into our meetings, so be prepared for a lot of laughter and fun at the Fuscia Designs Studio, we promise a good time had by all and sometimes we bring out the fuscia (pink) bubbly to toast and celebrate a well made decision!



Tamara, Principal Creative Director

short and sweet for now....

“With her high heels on and her “Fuscia” (Black) mini skirt…..” love that song!

The aspiration for Fuscia Designs was and is to bring Fashion, Glamour and Design to Flowers, the Vessels, Décor and Acoutrements. Dressing Soirees in wardrobes of Vibrancy, Drama and Luxe.Fetes et Fleurs and all things Fabulous, darlings!

My new favourite saying.

"One must always choose Stunning over pretty, for fear of mediocrity or better yet, to compromise is to choose mediocrity"


 One of my favourite shoes and shoe designer....Christian LeBoutin



Where does one begin in starting a blog, after years of fabulous events and soirees, perhaps a bit about…lets start with what is Fuscia Designs 

Definition Fuscia

Fuscia is the vibrancy, your inner fashionista, and glam goddess within….its the wedding you have always dreamt of, the euphoria evoked when you think of your ultimate day, the creative thoughts that take hold of you while planning…. perhaps a fusion of  who you were as a little girl to who you are now, the butterflies that you feel when you think of marrying the love of your life, your drop dead gorgeous gown, the warmth of your family and friends being present, the sky high sexy leboutins that will sweep you down the aisle….its the jois de vivre, the biggest soiree, milestone and celebration of your life.

You will primped and pampered like a supermodel, looking your most divine and glamorous…and so should your flowers and décor that’s where Fuscia Designs comes to play, creating sexy ,luxe, glamorous and dramatic floral environments that awaken the senses and exemplify decadence, the pias de le resistance! …..however this inspires or may hold meaning to you….which is precisely why we custom design every individual event to exude and reflect you, your style and your inner Fuscia!



Welcome To Fuscia Designs!

Fuscia designs creates a floral wardrobe reflective of each individual and celebration.

From fashion to food to flowers, Tamara s expertise in the design and event industry is evident in her approach to each event. Creating floral arrangements that awaken the senses, exemplify decadence, and are reflective of the season. Arrangements that are sumptuous in colour, texture and design.

Whether you are planning an intimate party or an extravagant event, Fuscia Designs will work closely with you to create a floral design concept reflective of your personal taste, style and vision.


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